The days of worrying about your team's marketing are over! Let Paradigm take the lead, allowing you more time to focus on one thing, winning.

Imagine having one source to handle everything from sponsorship proposals to race day photography and social media. Our crew can ensure you, your team and your sponsors are represented to the highest standards.

You worry about getting to victory lane. We'll make sure you look good when you get there.

How We Can Help

  • Sponsorship Proposal Design
    We take a professional and unique approach to helping you stand out to potential sponsors. We can also assist with your sponsorship strategy.
  • Headshots
    Need headshots? We got you covered! Our headshots are of premium quality and delivered to you with various backgrounds as well as "clear" cut-outs for other promotional use. We can also do these on-site anywhere in the country for your convenience.
  • Racing Photography
    Professional shots of the driver, car and crew are crucial to not only the success of your team, but to your sponsor. Paradigm can handle this and provide high-resolution images to you and your sponsors creating instant and premium content for social media and marketing.
  • Hero Card Design
    Every great driver needs a great hero card. Paradigm can provide the design of these cards as well as facilitate the production using one of our preferred vendors best suited for your needs. We handle it all!
  • Merchandise Design
    Let us help you make some extra cash with high-quality, custom designs. We can also assist with finding vendors and facilitating production on your behalf.
  • Driver/Team Public Relations
    From press releases to setting up public appearances - our media experts can help get your name and brand in the public eye.
  • Driver / Pit Crew Uniform Designs
    We can design those for you using any brand of your choice. Paradigm also has vendors already in place to help you save money without sacrificing quality.
  • Social Media Content
    Social Media and Content are the name of the game this day and age. Paradigm's social media directors can do real-time social media updates on race day as well as throughout the week expanding your follower base and therefor public reach.
  • Promotional Video Production
    Marketing is all about video content in this day and age. We can provide you high-quality sizzle reels and promotional videos to help you gain sponsorship, tell your story or just update your fans on your teams progress throughout the season.
  • Team Branding
    Let us help you refine your brand with professional logo design, color concepts and anything else you need to give your team that professional and refined look.

Sample Video Sizzle Reel

2018 Season Preview Video for Sterling Marlin

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?
It honestly depends on your project. Send an email with what you're looking for, and we can work out the details. We are committed to giving top-quality services for affordable rates. That's a promise.
What can you do on-site during race days?
This is by far our most asked question and our most valuable service. We can come to anywhere you are racing, provide high-end photography throughout the weekend, make this available to your sponsors for cross-promotion and handle all of your social media content to keep your fans up-to-date on everything that's happening!
We need consistent work, are there price breaks?
YES! We offer VERY competitive pricing for weekend packages and/or monthly retainer packages to save you money. Let's chat about what exactly you need and we will find a way to keep your costs as low as possible.